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3-Day Couple Intensive with Relationship Expert, Author, and Speaker, Dr. Michael Howard

Some couples find that regular couple therapy with an hour a week or every other week just simply does not work for them or does not work with their hectic work and/or family schedule. I am excited to offer you an opportunity that numerous couples from various parts of the United States have taken advantage of and are incredibly happy that they did.

What I am referring to is a very specialized and focused 3-day couple intensive where you come to either our offices in South Charlotte or our brand new office (opening in June 2017) in Wilmington, NC. Prior to coming, I will speak to both of you over the phone to see what you feel are the most pressing issues or problems in your relationship. I will then mail or email you a full packet of intake and assessment materials so that I can gain a much clearer understanding of you and your relationship.

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Once you arrive, you will stay in a hotel of your choosing near our office location. The specific days of the intensive are flexible, but most couples prefer to do them over a weekend to minimize issues with work etc. While with me, I will ask that you make every effort to reasonable detach from things at work or home so that you can be fully engaged on what we will be doing and the process of connecting with one another. We will typically work from around 9:00 am until about 5 or 6:00 pm. Evenings are designed for you to relax, talk, connect, and process what you have done thus far iduring the intensive. There may also be some light homework each evening. You will eat meals on your own with ample time given for doing so.

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Each couple intensive is uniquely designed for the couple attending based on their relationship and specific goals. The inetensive will include various types of activities to develop a better understanding of oneself, your partner, and the relationship. This can include psycho-education, use of videos, regular types of talk therapy, and a host of experiential modalities to include art, meditation, psychodrama, and role-playing to name just a few. there will also be free time to spend as a couple connecting or reconnecting.

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As a marriage and Family Therapist, I draw heavily from attachment theory, and the work of Dr. Sue Johnson and Emotion Focused Couple Therapy, as well as the work of Dr's. John and Julie Gottman, and that of Bill O'Hanlon and others in the area of Solution Focused Therapy. I have authored several books on healing and improving couple relationships and have taught in graduate marriage and family therapy programs both online and in-person.

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The cost for the 3 days is a huge savings over traditional counseling due to the depth, progress, and results that are obtained. 

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Please book as far in advance as possible as these can be quite popular. 

For more information, please call Dr. Michael Howard at 910-388-7520 or email Mike@CharlotteTherapy.com