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Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) Supervision - Individual and Group

CSAT Supervision at Healing Solutions Counseling Center

Are you a CSAT candidate in need of supervision that is high quality, affordable and timely? 
CSAT Supervision is offered by Dr. Michael Howard. 
For more information about Dr. Howard, read his bio located on a separate page on this website.

Supervision is offered face-to-face, via Skype, or by phone.

Supervision focuses on all aspects of sex addiction assessment, diagnosis and treatment, including case analysis and feedback.


We focus on all of the following specific treatment issues:

  • Examination of SDI-R, PTSI-R, MAWASI, SAST, PSS, IPAST and other relevant assessment data
  • Case conceptualization and diagnostic issues
  • Systemic factors and issues impacting the couple and family 
  • Ethical issues
  • Special populations
  • Referral resources
  • Practice development to include facilitating groups and intensives

To set Supervision with Dr. Howard:


To set an appointment for individual CSAT supervision, please call 910-388-7520 to speak with Dr. Howard directly


Please email Dr. Howard at  Mike@charlottetherapy.com with the specific dates of groups you would like to attend.

In the email, please put “CSAT Group Supervision – Your Name” in the subject line. You should get a confirmation within 48 hours. 

 If there are not at least 4 people in a group supervision, the group supervision may be cancelled.



  • Individual Supervision (One Person) - $85/HR 
  • Individual Supervision (Two People) - $65/HR 
  • Groups: $50/HR 

Contact us today to find out more about CSAT supervision or to join our group.