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How to Set CSAT Supervision Appointments with Dr. Michael Howard


To set an appointment for individual CSAT supervision, please call 980-237-6425 or 910-388-7520 to speak with Dr. Michael Howard directly

To set Appointments via Therapy Appointment:

Go to

When you get to the Therapy Appointment home page you will see a "Find Your Therapist" tab in the upper right corner - click on it.

That will take you to a page that asks you to type in the last name of your therapist.  Type in “Howard.” Select “Michael D. Howard, EdD.” You will then be taken to the login / registration page.

If you are already a supervisee, you have a login and password. Once logged in, you can view Dr. Howard's calendar and set, change, or cancel appointments. If you have forgotten your password, call Dr. Howard at 910-388-7520.

If you have not had an appointment before then, please call 910-388-7520 to get set-up and schedule your first appointment.


Please call Dr. Howard directly at 910-388-7520 or send an email to with the specific dates of groups you would like to attend.  All dates are listed on our website at

In the email, please put “CSAT Group Supervision – Your Name” in the subject line. You should get a confirmation within 48 hours.