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African American Couple

Meet Our Therapists

Bruce W. Knight - Owner and CEO

[email protected]
: Sexual Addiction, Marital and premarital, Affair recovery and sex therapy

Team Process and Journey
Congratulations! You have exercised courage to do one of the scariest things you have ever done or you may be accustomed to this process. Whatever the case, I applaud your initiative. I will commit myself to being fully with you. The progress you make is determined by your investment and will probably take longer than you thought. Each step builds hope. Couples, as you invest, it takes two. Each person must have “buy in “.

 Atmosphere of Acceptance and Security
In order to make this journey as effective as possible, I create an atmosphere characterized by these words: autonomy, absolute worth, accurate empathy, and affirmation. I will honor your autonomy to make your own choices. You are created with absolute inherent worth, period! I will listen to your story without judgment and “get you”. You, your efforts, and your expressed emotional state will always receive affirmation. In addition, you will experience me as real, honest, and authentic.

 My Background 
Born to a hard working couple, I grew up in a small Virginia town. After losing my dad at 12 and experiencing a turbulent adolescence, I found Christ and felt called into ministry. I completed a Bachelors and Master of Divinity program at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. I, my wife, and a team started a new church in NYC that continued for six years until I stepped down from leadership. That began a ping-pong recovery journey lasting 2 decades. We experienced a chaotic life until getting appropriate help. Our relationships are now the best they have ever been. This arduous journey created a passion to give back and a platform of healing for those experiencing their own corner of hell.

My former training, experience, and 37 + years of marriage combined with a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and certificate in Christian Sex Therapy prepared me for working with a wide range of issues. I began working with individuals, couples, and groups providing counseling for premarital, marital conflict resolution, intimacy issues, depression, anxiety, anger management, affair recovery, family of origin healing,  sexual addiction recovery, and spiritual formation.

Frame of Reference for Doing Therapy
My professional licenses include Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Professional Counselor (LPCA), I am a fully certified CSAT sex addiction therapist, CST certified Christian sex therapist, and pursuing certification as an emotionally focused therapist. I am also an ordained minister.

I view individuals in the context of their family of origin and broader contexts. I am a passionate believer in “attachment theory”. This guides my work with all clients. Simply, it is about how we bond with one another or how we love. It is how our Creator has hardwired us for relationship.  As God is the perfect model of attachment, there is shared fellowship, mutual love and respect, and positive accountability.  This is the foundation for the secure and safe atmosphere I facilitate in session. I also work from a Judeo-Christian worldview that is permeated with grace and unconditional acceptance. I look forward to joining you on your journey. Are you ready to take the first step?


Jessica McCall, LMFT CSAT
[email protected]

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), I treat individuals, couples, and families, and consider the whole family system in my approach. Operating from a relational, systemic perspective, I look beyond the individual at the system of relationships and experiences that both impact, and are impacted by, the client. My therapeutic approach is attachment-based, emotionally focused, and trauma sensitive, and I maintain a holistic approach by tending to clients’ physical, psychological, social, and spiritual well-being. I offer individual, couple, family, and group therapy, and my primary areas of specialization are in treating couples, adolescents, and process addictions.

I treat a range of couples in distress, including high-conflict couples, couples who have lost emotional connection, couples facing infidelity, betrayal, sex addiction, other traumatic relationship experiences, and those who are considering divorce. I am a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator helping marital and premarital couples strengthen relationships, and I am trained in Discernment Counseling, designed specifically for couples tasked with deciding whether to restore their marriage or move toward separation.

I also specialize in treating process addictions and compulsive behaviors such as emotional eating, sex, gambling, gaming, spending/shopping, and compulsive work habits. I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist  specializing in sex and pornography addiction recovery and healing for impacted partners and children. I facilitate 5-day intensives for sex addicts, 4-day workshops for partners of sex addicts, and I facilitate a weekly therapy groups for partners of betrayal. I have also completed training for treating individuals and families facing problem gambling.

In my work with adolescents and young adults, I help clients overcome adjustment issues, mood disorders, parent-child and/or peer relationship distress, self-esteem issues, behavioral concerns, and grief. In addition to these specialty areas, I treat single incident and complex trauma in adolescents and adults using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

I am a very authentic and compassionate therapist, who truly cares for every client who steps into my office. I believe that building a safe therapeutic relationship based upon trust, acceptance, respect, and space for vulnerability is an essential part of our work together. I see therapy as a challenging yet rewarding process of growth and change toward improved self-awareness, strengthened connection with others, and an ability to experience self and relationships in a new way.


  Natalie Huston MA, NCC, LPC 
  [email protected]

My desire is to walk alongside those who long to be restored.  I offer hope and resources to navigate the journey, find freedom and growth in your situation and life story, especially for relational, emotional, and spiritual struggles.  I specialize in Trauma, Couples, Adult survivors of childhood Sexual Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Relational Conflict and Restoration, and Life Transitions.  Together, we can walk through what you're experiencing, process how it is affecting you, and discover the best path for you toward greater wholeness.  Whether you are looking for individual, couples, or  group counseling, we can use resources that best fit you.  I offer a variety of resources, such as EMDR, relaxation/calming techniques, and creative modalities, using emotion-focused, trauma-informed, and relational care.


Trauma- sexual, emotional, spiritual, relational (incl sexual addiction)

Life Transitions- moving, empty nest, divorce, career changes, marriage

Relational struggles- trust/betrayal, dealing with difficult family, developing healthier relationships

Mood- depression, anxiety, confusion, shame, anger

Identity- developing a stronger understanding and connection with self, dealing with low sense of worth and value

Spiritual- doubts, trauma, confusion